The 'Bandicoots' book is brought on the journey by Kakashi. The book is only shown once in the story, first in Jungle Bungle, and last is Jungle Bungle, too.

About BookEdit

This book is actually borrowed from the National Konoha Library and is due about a month later. Kakashi never returns his books. The 'Bandicoots' book can be bought around 600 yen at a bookstore and maybe $12 in USA. The book is quite old, and been around about year 2000 or 2001. During year 2004, the bookstores was streaming with Crash Bandicoot fans as the new, awesome game (Crash Twinsanity) is released. About 59,000 people swarmed into the bookstores during the year 2004.

In The BookEdit

In the book shows many types of bandicoots. The Australian bandicoot, the pig-footed bandicoots and many more wild bandicoots. The book also shows the bandicoots living on the island N. Sanity, of Crash Bandicoot, Crunch Bandicoot and Coco Bandicoot. The book also shows Tawna Bandicoot and some of the evil bandicoots living in another dimension (bandicoots such as Nega Crash or Trash Bandicoot), too.