Boiler Room Doom logo in the game.

Boiler Room Doom is a chapter from the story. This chapter shows Crash, Naruto, Sai, Sakura and Kakashi following Cortex into the boiler room of the Academy of Evil. This also shows Cortex being a pipe and Sakura pulling out Cortex from the pipe. They realized that there was a machine that can pull out Cortex from the pipe and he was mad, and now they have no pipes to activate the machinery, they were stuck. Sai then draws out an ink pipe that will last for not quite long. While Cortex and Sakura were arguing, the ink pipe disappeared, and now Sai is not going to draw out another one. Kakashi then summoned Gamatatsu and Gamakichi, the two toad sons of Gamabunta in the Naruto series. They formed into the perfect size (a pipe size) and used as a pipe to get to the further parts of the boiler room. Crash then face a dingo crocodile, an enemy of his.

Boiler Room Doom (game)

In the game, Boiler Room Doom takes place in the Academy of Evil just like the chapter. Boiler Room Doom is also a fairly long level just like High Seas Hi-Jinks. In the game, when Crash was teaming up with Cortex, we wondered where Cortex got the Power Crystal and where it came from. That doesn't matter. You have to get Cortex to be stuck in a pipe to proceed to other parts of the room. You will soon see a machine that can sort of 'pull' Cortex out of the pipe. Throw Cortex to the other side and let him activate the switch, then carry him around, hit huge bugs and let him be a pipe again. Spin all 9 blue valves to go to the Boiler Room Doom's boss, Dingodile.

Naruto in Boiler Room Doom

They argued a lot.