'Crash Hears A Who!' is a story based on the two animations of 'Horton Hears A Who' by Dr. Seuss.


The story starts with Crash bathing in one of the pools in Whumpa Island, until he heard a small noise. Then he saw a tiny white spot, like a pollen grain, floating past through the air. A loud 'help' from the pollen grain-like spot caught Crash's attention, and without hesitation, Crash gently grabbed the spot, realising it was a speck of dust.

In no time at all, the sort-of ruler of Whumpa Island, tribesmaster Papu Papu, saw what Crash was doing. He, along with his right-hand man, Tubbruth Hejungle, said to Crash that he's crazy, for talking to a dust speck. Crash convinced Papu and Hejungle that there are really people on the speck, and of course, Papu Papu does not understand Crash a bit with his bad English.

When Papu Papu and Hejungle left the scene, Aku Aku saw what Crash was doing, and granted Crash good English 'powers' to avoid more brackets in the story. Aku Aku disagreed with Crash that there are really people on the speck, and left Crash alone, with the speck.

Crash found out that there really is someone down on the speck. It was the town of Whoville, that is run by the Mayor. But at that time, Papu Papu and Hejungle caught Crash talking 'crazily' at the speck. Papu Papu demanded Crash to hand over the speck, but Crash distracted Papu Papu and Hejungle and slipped away, hidden in the bushes.

When Crash got to know the Mayor more, he heard the Mayor's real request for him. To place Whoville down on a safe place where no one gets hurt. Crash saw the Falling Fish Mountain of one of N.Sanity's biggest beaches, and there is a single growth of a sunflower sticking out from the tip of the mountain, where is perfect for the Whos to live safe and sound.