Crash Meets Miscrits is a story that is written by the same author that wrote Naruto Twinsanity. This story shows Coco, Crunch, Cortex, Nina, Tropy, Gin and Brio leaving N.Sanity Island and to Miscria, to get their first ever magical creature, a Miscrit.


Coco and Crunch woke up on a sunny day. Coco checked her pink calendar for the date, she saw that today was Miscrit Day. Crunch wasn't so impressed, but still happy. At the Iceberg Lab, Cortex got up early to feed Crash an orange-flavored popsickle for breakfast. He looked at his blue calendar and saw what is today. He quickly gathered the luggage, packed his and Nina's clothes, grabbed Nina when she's still sleeping and went to the small plane that was outside the lab. Gin, Tropy and Brio was in the plane too, they set off to Miscria, leaving Crash alone for the day,. Coco and Crunch booked the M.M. Express Plane to Miscria. When the humans and bandicoots arrived at Miscria, a Town Greeter, called Henry, thought that Coco and Crunch were Miscrits, Coco said that they are not Miscrits and they want to get their first ever pet, today is Miscrit Day after all. Henry then pulls out a card which will able to help Coco, Crunch, Cortex, Tropy, Gin, Nina and Brio get their first ever pet. The card, however, brought the gang to a terrible start, especially Nina's. They met Nina's long lost Academy of Evil friend, Lockbolt.