Fangfuleasts are a group of animals that are dangerous and have sharp fangs and claws, such as snakes, worms (based on Twinsanity), tigers, lions, pumas, bears, and almost every animal that have sharp fangs.


The word 'fangfuleast' came from the word 'fang' and 'beast'. The word is invented on the day a human sets foot on the forbidden land of N. Sanity. The human saw a huge worm digging burrows on the ground. He named the worm a 'wormaka', although the name is not used. He also classified a few animals on his homeland such as the white tiger, puma, lion, polar bears and crocodiles into the same group as he classified the worm, the carnivorous group and the clawed and fanged group. He also made the words 'fangfuleast' and 'clawfuleast' to classify the animals. Fangfuleasts are animals that have very sharp and gashing teeth. Clawfuleasts are animals that have sharp claws, but their teeth does not create any huge gashes, such as cats and dogs.