The ground spikes are huge, ivory spikes that are grown out of the ground like pencil roots, and can pierce through flesh, creating a huge, bleedy gash.


Ground spikes came from the Ice Age, when mammoths, saber-toothed tigers and other long-toothed animals. The neanderthals living during the Ice Age killed the animals for food. Mammoths' tusks are used as weapons or may be thrown away in holes or tree holes. Saber-toothed animals' long teeth are also used as weapons or thrown away. During the years, the tusks an teeth grew into the soil (or trunk if it is in a tree), making it a plant. The tusks and teeth then teared into pieces, making it sharp, and pointy. The ground spikes can only be formed during the Ice Age, and since they are tusks and teeth, they do not rot or wilther like normal plants. Some humans and animals accidentaly fell into the hole, and never made it alive. There is a mighty spike hole on N. Sanity, called the Spikeus Holeus, or 'Spiky Hole', and so far, no one made it alive when falled in the hole.