Henry Crymbleskies is a character in the story Crash Meets Miscrits.


Henry has sea-blue eyes, a smirky look, and grey hair. He usually appears in a light blue jacket, with a black singlet wore inside. He wears white gloves (he has a phobia of germs, but is not shown) and long, dark indigo pants.


He has many Miscrits, but the main ones are Preliator and Hanuphoon.


He is able to call his Miscrits from far away, and some may be kept in the Miscrian Book. He's the 'magic' of the Wishing Well in Sunfall Kingdom in Miscria. He can grant people's wishes in many ways, but only can grant one wish per person at every 4 hours. The magic is actually the Montious Granticious spell, which only great Magicites can do.


Henry was once an adopted Magicite apprentise, and is a skilled wizard. After seeing how bad, and horrible the Magicites are doing to the Miscrits, he resigned, but to do that, he must pass a test. The test is about to partially take down the Magicites Leader, Apollo Nox. He passed, and continued with his own life as a town greeter.

He became friends with much of everyone in the kingdom, and even the mayor. Henry was rewarded with his great deed on defeating the Magicites team partly, and the towns mayor gave him his first Miscrit, which was Ignios. He caught the Mun Kee afterwards, and trained hard for 4 years,


He's now the official town greeter of Sunfall Kingdom, and guards the Wishing Well. He has a partner, which is his sister, Jimaica Crymbleskies. They work on alternative days, and rarely sees each other during work time.


Henry wants to be an archeologist, or scientist when he gets to his late thirties, he's now only 23. Henry also wants to stand guard on Jimaica and 'spoon feed' her to safety. More likely, he wants to actually be a stage performer, and will willingly do anything for that job.