Jimaica is Henry Crymbleskies's sister.


She has silver colored hair, and beautiful in appearance. She's the attitude person that hates to get around boys. She usually wears a pink blouse, a purple jacket, long, blue boots and a red skirt. She hides her arms, and never showed them to even her brother, Henry Crymbleskies.

Secret of HandsEdit

Jimaica's hands are bear-like, and are usually monster-like. She was born a hybrid, but Henry was not. Mostly the people of Miscria avoid looking at her eyes, as it is a belief that such monsters will turn them into stone when they look at them. Jimaica's hands were born brown, and already has adult fingernails. As she ages, the fingernails disappear, and left with the brown, furry skin. The hands grew rapidly, and it is now the size of a toy, and as hard as metal.


Usually, the mayor of Sunfall Kingdom relies on females to do the hunting for food, and only Jimaica comes back with plenty of food.

The Hand Slash

-Jimaica commonly uses her hands to slash animals apart and kill them.

Double Uppercut

-Jimaica attacks flying animals with this ability, and never misses. Her accuracy is maximum 100%.