Killer is a serial killer and a cannibal tribesman in the story of 'N.Sanity's Crisis'. Killer is known as 'The Black Hawk', as whoever he kills will be stabbed by a hawk or eagle talon.


John Guilabaloo Killer was born in N.Sanity Island, as seen in Cortex's History-is-my-job machine. Hating his name, Killer skipped tribesmen classes and never had any friends, at all. Killer lived in a Wumpa tree leaf-made kampong and made fire out of Wumpa Tree branches and leaves.

Killer was always a dark-hearted tribesman, and he kills little birds and take away hawk, eagle and emu eggs to eat. He hated vegetables and Wumpa fruit.

He captured a massive eagle when he was only 24, and named the eagle 'Eaglash'. Eaglash was trained to be a tough hunter and provide food for Killer. Eaglash's talons were removed at a point of time when Killer decides to eat tribesmen meat, and Eaglash was killed. Eaglash was only 5 months with Killer, and a total of 4 years old.


For Killer, he is known to be one of the most brutal. Killer killed over 500 known tribesmen without Papu Papu (the tribesmaster) knowing. Killer used Eaglash's sharp talons to stab and kill the 500 tribesmen. 64 children, 282 man, 154 women.

Karukaze DonhoundEdit

Karukaze is a young tribesmen boy that loved to make stuff out of Wumpa tree leaves and loved eating Wumpa fruit. Karukaze is worshipped by Papu Papu by making beautiful wumpagamis for him. When Killer knows Karukaze, he felt that no one could be THAT loyal to the tribesmaster, so Killer killed Karukaze.

Killer lured Karukaze by treating him to a rare breed of Wumpa Fruit, the Whuxtranair Wumpa fruit (with the yellow flesh instead of purple). Whuxtranair Wumpa fruits also have a strong amnesia effect on children and it puts Karukaze to sleep immediately. Killer, using Eaglash's talon, slashed Karukaze on the neck, head and body, killing him.

Karukaze was dismembered later on by Killer.

The tribespolicemen found the loyal Karukaze's dismembered body in a shallow grave in N.Sanity's gravesite.