Nina has a habit of making voodoo dolls after doing her homeowork, and they really work.

Types of DollsEdit

Nina makes many dolls, but the usual ones that she gives to her friends are the Ninatatanic Arache. The Ninatatanic Arache, or Arachnina (her arachnid suit-robot) plushies, are made by smooth material and maybe metal. The Arachnina plushie is a rare doll that she gives, and it is not a voodoo doll, but just a doll. She has many voodoo dolls of her friends in the Academy of Evil and Evil Public School.

Andelina Doll - a doll that is made of cloth and fibre, and maybe a special material. It looks like a dingo-crocodile.

Renton Doll - a doll that looks like a one-eyed boy.

Locky Doll - a grey doll that looks like a gargoyle.

Jessica Doll - a blond girl doll with a stern look on its face

Teacher Doll - a adult-like doll decorated with white hair and a small coat.

Captain Doll - a doll with a captain's hat on.

Nina comes up with monster dolls everyday, and she may sell one. But they are very expensive. She also sells needles with the doll, because it is a voodoo doll. Her Ninatatanic Arache doll sells up to 5 evil coins, while her voodoo dolls sell up to only 1 or 2 evil coins.