Boiler Room Doom by dustindemon

A fanart of Cortex stuck in a pipe.

A pipe is a tool to activate platforms to go through the boiler room in the Academy of Evil.

Gamatatsu and GamakichiEdit

Strangely, these two baby toads were able to form into the correct shape of a pipe and help Crash and Naruto to go through the Boiler Room Doom in the story.


The function of the pipe is to roll it to the 'trap door' circle surrounded by a yellow wall, and press the huge button beside it to let the pipe be like a key to activate the platforms needed to jump or walk on to the next part of the room. Sometimes to activate, you have to knock or spin off blue valves to complete the 'locks', just like a jigsaw puzzle. Knock/spin all blue valves to activate. Some rooms need to knock/spin blue valves, some do not.