The Tribesbook is a book decorated with bones, non-pointy spikes and feathers (similar tothe Aku Uka Brothers' appearance). The Tribesbook has been around for centuries.

About BookEdit

This book has been around since World War II. Tribesmen has been studied in the year 1952 and the book was published in 1957. In the first edition, the book was decorated with bright, shimmering glitters and a few bones and feathers. In 1999, the book was decorated with colorful feathers and pebbles. In 2005, the book was currently at the same appearance as the Aku Uka Brothers' (Aku Aku and Uka Uka) appearance.

In The BookEdit

The Tribesbook is a help to many travellers and hikers, to be safe from the native and cannibal tribesmen around jungles. The book shows many forms of tribesmen, the wooden tribesmen (possibly made by Yamato in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5), metal (robot) tribesmen and normal tribesmen.

The Health Of Each Tribesmen
Health of Wooden Tribesmen Around 500HP
Health of Metal (Robot) Tribesmen Around 1000-1200HP
Health of Normal Tribesmen Around 100-200HP

The Tribesbook also wrote that tribesmen can be defeated by sharp weapons such as spikes and spears.

How To Defeat Each Type Of Tribesmen
How To Defeat A Wooden Tribesmen Use a spear, spike, or any item with a sharp tip.
How To Defeat A Metal (Robot) Tribesmen Let the robot/metal tribesmen to fall into a hole full of ground spikes.
How To Defeat A Normal Tribesmen Fists, kicks, guns, fire, spears, knife, any item that can be used to kill.

This book is sold for about 770 yen in Japan, and $10 across USA and Britain.