Wumpjuice is a type of juice that can be blended with a Wumpa and a type of berry or fruit.


Wumpas and other types of berries and fruits are found all over N. Sanity, and are very nutritious. Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, or cherries are natural blends to create a Wumpjuice. Simply put in a few berries or fruits of your choosing and a Wumpa in a blender. Watch it juice up your berries or fruits and Wumpa and pour the liquid into a cup. And enjoy the freshness of a Wumpjuice.

Types of WumpjuicesEdit

There are many types of Wumpjuices that can be made.

Types of Wumpjuices
Blueberry Wumpjuice Blend a few blueberries and a Wumpa.
Strawberry Wumpjuice Blend a few strawberries and a Wumpa.
Blackberry Wumpjuice Blend a few blackberries and a Wumpa.
Cherry Wumpjuice Blend a clutch of cherries and a Wumpa.
Orange Wumpjuice Blend an orange (peeled) and a Wumpa.
Cranberry Wumpjuice Blend a few cranberries and a Wumpa.
Apple Wumpjuice Pour apple juice into a blender and put in a Wumpa.

And many more.